Robert B. Ney

Pioneering software industry executive, brings 30 years of diversified software industry experience. Bob has launched several successful start-ups as well as held key management positions at some of the nation’s best software companies. Bob began his career in 1973 and helped found two successful software companies. He was a principal in two separate IBM co-sponsored innovative projects (ATM-Automated Teller-Machine, and one of the first production relational database applications). Bob then went to work for Amdahl (employee 76) as Vice President, Field Management, through its IPO. He was one of Oracle’s original employees (employee 42), serving as Vice President of Worldwide Product Line Support, through its IPO. Over the past decade, Bob has gained a reputation for launching and growing successful companies. In 1987, Bob joined Ingres Corporation as Vice President, Worldwide Client Services and Support, to help stabilize the company and then help take the company public.

In 1993, he founded Soda Creek Technologies, which developed and marketed an award-winning imaging system and was sold to Unisys in 1995. One year later he launched Bridge Pointe Software, which provides the means of leveraging data contained within existing and disparate ERP applications, such as SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle. He was also the founding CEO of InsureZone, enabling financial institutions, web portals, and other businesses to offer insurance services to their customers nationwide. He was also on the original executive teams of Natural Language Inc., an artificial intelligence software company (sold to Microsoft), and USoft (a division of UNISYS), a rapid application development tool company. Bob also has a reputation of “turning around” technology companies that have good technology but need the added formula of “very successful teams” and “correct market positioning”.

Bob was the “turnaround” CEO of Lexica, a software development company specializing in B2B enterprise infrastructure products, turnaround CEO of Elagent Corporation completing the development of and launching an enterprise software product quickly adopted by several fortune 100 companies to solve their most complex “Supply Chain” and Financial Transactions, and the turnaround CEO of Polivec, Inc., where he rebuilt the sales, marketing, and engineering teams of the now leading Security Policy and Compliance management company selling into the fortune 1000 corporations. Bob studied psychology and computer science at Southwestern, San Diego State University, and currently sits on the boards of Sterling Peak, Inc., Tango Ventures, Inc., Empowered Wireless, and the group advisory boards for Andre Meyer Ventures. Bob is also active in volunteer organizations such as “Angel Flight America” donating his time, piloting skills, and resources for transporting children to hospitals across the US for medical treatments.