Gian-Carlo Ochoa Ph.D.

Gian-Carlo is a financial analyst that specializes in equity research and portfolio management. Dr. Ochoa received his Ph.D. from Yale University in Cell biology where he published biotech research on a number of oncological and neurodegerative diseases, prior to his work at Yale, Dr. Ochoa investigated rational drug design in HIV at the University of California at San Francisco where he received a M.S. in Biochemistry.

Subsequent to leaving Yale, he joined UBS in their biotechnology equity research department. At UBS Dr. Ochoa analyzed both existing publicly traded companies and conducted due diligence on private companies that were looking to raise capital in a public market. Dr. Ochoa recently joined ÁMG after working for several years as a financial analyst for the multi-billion dollar hedge fund, S.A.C. Capital where he served as a generalist and with in the financial services sector.